The Ascent Substance Abuse Track

Substance Abuse Education

The Ascent Substance Abuse Track

Drug and alcohol addiction is a complex illness, and long term sobriety takes more than active parenting and good intentions. The earlier the substance abuse begins, the more likely it will become a serious issue – posing a greater challenge for adolescents.

Residential addiction treatment at Willow Springs Center is centered in the Ascent Substance Abuse Track. The philosophy of this program is recovery is an ongoing journey which begins upon admission and continues throughout the person’s life. This is a valuable component to the patients’ clinical work and impacts their overall mental health treatment.

The vision of the Ascent Substance Abuse Track is to meet patients where they are, empower them to make healthy choices by gaining insight during their journey to becoming and remaining sober, and inspire them to continue on this path when they leave the addiction treatment center.

Residential Addiction treatment at Willow Springs Center includes:

  • DBT path to clear mind groups Team skills specific to substance users on DBT
  • Psychoeducational groups
  • Process groups
  • Addiction and recovery education
  • Motivational Interviewing Groups for relapse prevention
  • Individual counseling
  • Support group for patients with drug-using caregivers
  • Complete assessment including biopsychosocial and SASSI-A2
  • Participation by counselors in Multidimensional Treatment Team Staffing
  • 12-steps meetings
  • Discharge planning for relapse prevention and continuing care

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