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For Children

For Children

Residential Treatment Center for Children

We understand it’s difficult to see your child in the hospital. At Willow Springs, we are devoted to providing leading-edge programs and resources for your child so they may return home as quickly as possible.

This program is designed to help children ages 5 – 12 make a successful transition from childhood to early adolescence. We strive to instill in each child, a sense of trust, self-respect and self-confidence. Our pediatric team recognizes the unique needs of each child and the strengths of each family. Children who meet the admission criteria for this program need a structured and supportive environment to work through psychological, social and familial adjustment problems.

The program takes a developmental approach to assessing and providing residential treatment for children suffering from psychiatric problems. A comprehensive assessment is completed to determine your child’s developmental needs. Based on these assessments, we will develop an individualized treatment plan.

We encourage you to stay involved throughout your child’s treatment. Family therapy is used to help children and family members develop the capacity to communicate and function effectively. Parents who play an active role in their child’s treatment team increase the chance of a successful and sustained outcome.

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