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Addiction Treatment Services

Our philosophy is based on the Disease Concept of Addiction education. We will educate your child about the Disease Model as well as the negative effects alcohol and drugs have on their bodies, lives and the people who care about them most.

Patients attend Truckee Meadows School, an on-site, state-licensed private school providing elementary through high school education. Teachers are employees of Willow Springs Center and serve as educational advisors to the treatment team and students. All teachers meet or exceed State of Nevada certification requirements in the subjects they teach.

Shortly after admission, an education assessment is completed, including an intake interview with the patient, a review of the medical chart and the administration of the Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement. When possible, we will contact the patient’s home school. Once the prerequisite testing is evaluated; a school plan and mental health educational program are developed.

Programs are individualized and small group instruction is provided. Class sizes range from nine to 15 students. Recommendations for special education services are made as needed.

Truckee Meadows School offers unique educational programs:

  • Elementary: One-room classroom, offering all academics, kindergarten through third grade
  • Pre-adolescence: One-room classroom, offering all academics, fourth through seventh grades plus those students identified as needing a highly structured program
  • High School Transition: Movement between classes and a variety of courses for eighth grade and above
  • Alternative Education: A variety of courses more self-paced

Truckee Meadows School operates on a nine-week grading period, year-round with several short breaks. Grades and enrollment dates are noted on transcripts sent to the home school at the time of the patient’s discharge. You will also receive a copy of your child’s transcript.

If it appears your child needs special education services at discharge, the principal will discuss with you how to seek services in the receiving school district. With parental consent, assessments and evaluations completed at Willow Springs Center will be forwarded to the appropriate home school staff for review. All efforts are made to ensure your child experiences a smooth transition from residential treatment to the home school.

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