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Treatment & Services

Treatment & Services

Residential Treatment

Everyone needs someone to talk to, someone with an open mind who will listen first. Willow Springs Center opened in 1988 to help troubled teens find their way in life. At our residential treatment facility, we strongly believe in the power of the therapeutic relationship to change lives. Positive changes can be supported and sustained for each individual with active family involvement throughout treatment.

The core values of the therapeutic relationship include compassion, nurturing, unconditional acceptance and support in a positive, non-punitive environment. We believe one of the most important factors in treatment is the modeling of positive social skills by adult mentors. Through the adoption of these core values, the adolescents we counsel begin to feel empowered to reach their full potential.

Our residential treatment center is a place for new beginnings. It’s a place where you can trust your adolescent will make positive strides to recover from emotional, psychiatric, behavioral, and addictions problems. Learn more about our residential treatment facility, programs and treatment options by contacting us today.

Does Residential Treatment Help?

Willow Springs’ residential setting provides a unique opportunity for our residents to practice the skills they have learned throughout the day. We believe that the best way to learn skills is to use them, not just talk about them. Through daily skills groups and ongoing mentoring, we assist our residents in establishing health boundaries and supportive relationships with others.

The program fosters a positive peer culture and encourages our residents to make constructive choices which can result in them receiving more responsibility and privileges as they move through the phases of treatment. In this way, the Dialectical Behavior Therapy program at Willow Springs creates an environment in which our residents can learn skills and then put them into practice in their day-to-day life.

Outpatient Treatment

Willow Springs Center offers a Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for adolescents that focuses on helping individuals work toward and maintain their mental wellness.

Our outpatient programs utilize DBT and are geared toward adolescents in our community struggling with emotion regulation and other maladaptive life interfering behaviors. We provide PHP/IOP to adolescents ages 12-17 who must currently be enrolled in 8th-12th grade.

Learn more about our outpatient treatment options here.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Raising a teenager is often challenging and stressful – it can be difficult to know whether your teen is experiencing typical growing pains or a real mental health crisis.

How Can DBT Help?

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is uniquely designed to help teenagers who are struggling with overwhelming emotions and problem behaviors. Created by Marsha Linehan, Ph.D., DBT is an approach to therapy that is specifically designed to help people with difficulties regulating their emotions and behaviors.

Our DBT program is most appropriate for teens who often feel suicidal or engage in self-harming behaviors. Chronic difficulties with emotion regulation are often central to disorders such as depression, anxiety, trauma or borderline personality traits. Overwhelming emotions often cause difficulties in multiple life areas such as impulsivity, relationship problems, family conflict, identity problems, substance abuse and problems at school.

What Makes Our DBT Program Different?

At Willow Springs, our DBT Program takes a skills-based approach in helping teens and their families develop effective tools to end the vicious cycle of overwhelming emotions, impulsive behavior and family conflict. Many of our residents have a history of past treatment failures because their treatment did not focus on teaching the skills needed to successfully manage their emotions and turn their behaviors towards the creation of a life that truly works for them.

We should also note that at Willow Springs we take a “whole-family” approach, and you will be actively involved in your child’s care through weekly family therapy sessions as well as participation in a 20-hour weekend training to help support you in developing the tools to help your child be successful.

DBT Has a History of Success

The DBT treatment model has been extensively researched and validated in treating even the most challenging emotional and behavioral health concerns. Decades of research have shown that DBT effectively reduces self-harm, suicidality and impulsive acting out, and enhances feelings of self-worth. Our own outcome data demonstrates that at Willow Springs our highly trained staff are able to help kids significantly reduce feelings of depression, anxiety and stress, as well as decrease impulsive behavior and better understand and cope with their emotions.

We Care About Your Child’s Mental Health

All of our staff, including psychiatrists, therapists, nurses and direct-care mentors, are trained in DBT, which creates a seamless therapeutic experience for your child and your family.  Individual, group and family therapy focus on mindfulness skills, building distress tolerance, reducing impulsive and self-destructive behaviors, creating and fostering healthy interpersonal relationships and developing effective communication skills in the service of building “a life worth living.”

We look forward to discussing what our program can do to help heal your child and family.