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For Adolescents & Teens

For Adolescents & Teens

The Adolescents & Teenagers Program

Raising a teenager can be challenging and stressful. It can also be difficult to determine whether your teen is experiencing typical growing pains or a real mental health concern. The sooner the problem is identified; the sooner treatment can be found.

The DBT Program provides residential treatment for teenagers who are dealing with tremendous internal and external distress. The program is designed to help kids develop better ways of maintaining relationships.

At Willow Springs Center, we seek to enhance self-worth, confidence, interpersonal skills, family cohesiveness and academic achievement. We assist our residents in establishing healthy boundaries with improved distress tolerance and decision-making skills. The program fosters a positive peer culture to utilize adolescents’ focus on socialization. We encourage teens to make constructive choices and receive more responsibility and privileges as a result.

Behavioral Programs for Teenagers

Dialectical Behavior Center

Being a parent of a teenager is never easy, but when your teen is depressed, reacting with violence or engaging in risky behaviors, it can be overwhelming and scary, to say the least. Willow Springs Center is here to help with our specialty programs.

Willow Springs Center offers a separate specialized residential dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) program. Created by Marsha Linehan, Ph.D., DBT is a program designed to treat individuals with emotional regulation issues often seen in those who are developing borderline personality disorder, or traits of this disorder. Our DBT center is most appropriate for suicidal teens who exhibit severe, chronic forms of emotion dysregulation with multiple coexisting problems, as well as for youth struggling with emotion dysregulation, chaotic relationships, impulsivity, para-suicidal behaviors, and identity disturbance.

Chronic emotion dysregulation results in a vicious cycle of impulsive, self-destructive, or otherwise harmful behaviors. Many of these patients present with co-occurring disorders and have not responded to usual treatment due to this entrenched behavioral cycle driven by emotional regulation issues and a lack of skills, often results in frustration, exhaustion of families, and cost to payers.

The DBT treatment model has been extensively researched and validated to be effective even with the most challenging mentally ill populations. Our intensively trained DBT team consists of psychiatrists, therapists, nurses and direct-care coaches. Treatment is a highly structured form of behavioral therapy that teaches patients skills which are necessary to regulate their emotions, build distress tolerance, avoid self-destructive behaviors, improve interpersonal relationships, and create lives worth living through mindfulness and skill practice. Your child will leave Willow Springs Center with a set of life skills that, if used, will help them in everyday living. We believe in using skills, not just talking about them. One of these skills is called Urge Surf, which teaches your child how to handle destructive urges without acting on them or judging themselves for having them.

Our residential behavioral therapy program provides a unique opportunity for the residents to practice skills they have learned throughout the day in order for them to generalize those skills in everyday life. Our committed and talented treatment team is clinically sophisticated and dedicated to whole-family healing and the restoration of hope in the lives of those we serve. You will be asked to be part of the treatment through family therapy, onsite visits, and a 20 hour weekend training to aid in the support for the entire family.

Substance Abuse Education

The Ascent Substance Abuse Track

Drug and alcohol addiction is a complex illness, and long term sobriety takes more than active parenting and good intentions. The earlier the substance abuse begins, the more likely it will become a serious issue – posing a greater challenge for adolescents.

Residential addiction treatment at Willow Springs Center is centered in the Ascent Substance Abuse Track. The philosophy of this program is recovery is an ongoing journey which begins upon admission and continues throughout the person’s life. This is a valuable component to the patients’ clinical work and impacts their overall mental health treatment.

The vision of the Ascent Substance Abuse Track is to meet patients where they are, empower them to make healthy choices by gaining insight during their journey to becoming and remaining sober, and inspire them to continue on this path when they leave the addiction treatment center.

Residential Addiction treatment at Willow Springs Center includes:

  • DBT path to clear mind groups
  • Team skills specific to substance users on DBT
  • Psychoeducational groups
  • Process groups
  • Addiction and recovery education
  • Motivational Interviewing Groups for relapse prevention
  • Individual counseling
  • Support group for patients with drug-using caregivers
  • Complete assessment including biopsychosocial and SASSI-A2
  • Participation by counselors in Multidimensional Treatment Team Staffing
  • 12-steps meetings
  • Discharge planning for relapse prevention and continuing care

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