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Military Families Support Services

Military Families Support Services

What We Treat

Willow Springs Center is a Residential Treatment Center (RTC) treating adolescents 12-17. Our Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program can benefit adolescents who are engaging in maladaptive or self-injurious behaviors that are directly impacting their quality of life, relationships with their family and friends and their education. Our program is most appropriate for teens with a history of childhood trauma, suicidal ideation, self-harming behaviors, difficulty creating and maintaining relationships and running away. Willow Springs Center’s addiction and recovery treatment services, known as Ascent, support our patients who have a history of substance misuse in addition to their primary diagnosis. The Ascent track utilizes DBT for substance use disorders, as well as an integration of Motivational Interviewing and Motivational Enhancement Therapy.

Our Therapeutic Approaches

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is an evidence-based approach uniquely designed to help individuals struggling with extremely intense negative emotions and problematic behaviors.  The DBT treatment model has been extensively researched and validated in treating even the most challenging emotional and behavioral health concerns and can effectively reduce self-harm, suicidality and impulsive acting out.

Chronic difficulties with emotion regulation are often central to disorders such as depression, anxiety, trauma or borderline personality traits.

Why choose us?

At Willow Springs, we believe that all adolescents should be allowed to live with respect and dignity. We affirm that people should be free to live without fear no matter who they are or whom they love. We are proud to serve members of the LGBTQ+ community and support them in addressing their mental health concerns. We also believe that recovery is an ongoing journey which begins upon admission and continues throughout a person’s life. The vision of the Ascent track is to meet patients where they are, empower them to make healthy choices by gaining insight during their journey to becoming and remaining free from illicit substance use, and inspire them to continue on a path to wellness in recovery. The ultimate goal of DBT and Willow Springs Center is to support A Life Worth Living.

Because we are a Residential Treatment Center focused on teaching adolescents the skills to set them up for success for the rest of their lives, academics is an important focus. Truckee Meadows School is a private, fully accredited school licensed by the Nevada Department of Education and certified by COGNIA. Adolescents in grades 6-12 attend school and participate in educational activities as part of their overall therapeutic efforts. GED and college prep studies are initiated with the approval from the therapist and parents. Accommodations can be arranged for students including obtaining a high school diploma once credits are achieved. Willow Springs Center is proud to graduate kids from all over the country from Truckee Meadows School. Truckee Meadows School was just ranked 5th in nation for all UHS RTC schools overall grades 7-12, and ranked 7th in nation for all UHS RTC schools by parent satisfaction surveys

Willow Springs Center is the only locked RTC on the West Coast specializing exclusively in Dialectical Behavior Therapy. We are a licensed behavioral health hospital with oversight from the state of Nevada and Joint Commission. We have board certified child and adolescent psychiatrists, a psychologist, licensed therapists and nurses, as well as an on-site pharmacy. We proudly serve our military families from all over the country and beyond. We know that military life can be challenging for your family at times, and want to be a resource for your child to learn the skills they need to meet and manage their mental health challenges lifelong. In addition to the traditional recreation therapy activities, we also offer a ropes course to add a sense of accomplishment, as well as Equine Therapy.

Patriot Support Program

Patriot Support Program logo

Willow Springs Center is pleased to offer its Patriot Support Program serving the Children and Adolescents of members of the U.S. military. The program offers specialized behavioral health and substance use treatment specifically designed for the needs and challenges of military dependents (children and adolescents ages 6 to 18). Using a trauma informed approach, the program focuses on the challenges faced by the children of military personnel, building upon the resiliency skills used to overcome challenges in their personal lives. For more information about Patriot Support Programs, please visit www.PatriotSupportPrograms.com.

Patriot Support Program