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Education & Other Services

Motivational Interviewing Therapy

Why Use Motivational Interviewing?

Many patients entering treatment are in denial or resistant to change. Motivational interviewing therapy helps build rapport with patients by meeting them where they are in their recovery process. It also helps each patient establish a strong, healthy relationship with their counselor, an important component the Willow Springs Center staff believes is the key to transformation.

Motivational interviewing therapy encourages patients to achieve their own sense of self-confidence and recognize the importance of change. We want them to believe they can, in fact, live a healthier life.

The strategy of motivational interviewing therapy is to ask open ended questions, provide affirmations, listen thoughtfully, and summarize the patient’s statements back to them. The therapy is non-judgmental and non-confrontational. The end goal is to increase the patient’s awareness of their illness, potential problems caused, and consequences experienced as a result of their actions.

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