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Residential Psychiatric Services

Residential Psychiatric Services

Youth Treatment Facility

Residential Psychiatric Services

When residential psychiatric services are the best option for your adolescent’s well-being, you can feel comfortable knowing they will receive quality care, resources and the guidance they need at Willow Springs Center to successfully return to the community.

Once your adolescent is admitted, a staff psychiatrist will be assigned to work with them from admission to discharge. Within 24 hours of admittance, the psychiatrist will complete a thorough psychiatric assessment and make recommendations regarding diagnosis and medications. The psychiatrist then meets with the primary therapist and the rest of the clinical team regularly to review and refine your adolescent’s unique treatment plan.

Residents live in dormitory-style rooms providing a 24-hour therapeutic environment and full time interdisciplinary clinical and medical staff. A locked setting and consistent staffing allows them to feel secure. On campus, there is a large gym, playground, outdoor amphitheater, spacious courtyard for recreational activities and the “Challenge by Choice” ropes course.

The center provides intensive and comprehensive residential treatment services, including individual therapy and medication management, family therapy, play therapy, group therapy, psycho-education groups, the Ascent Substance Abuse Track, recreational therapy, behavior management, life skills training, and a dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) program.

Willow Springs Center is one of the few residential program in the United States which offers comprehensive DBT for teens. Our program is adapted from the Marsha Linehan, Ph.D. treatment model.

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