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Truckee Meadows School

Truckee Meadows School

Truckee Meadows School

About Our School

Truckee Meadows School is a private, accredited school licensed by the Nevada Department of Education. The school is located within Willow Springs Residential Treatment Center. All school-aged children attend school and participate in educational activities as part of their overall therapeutic effort. The grades range from sixth through twelfth grade. GED courses and college prep studies are initiated with therapist and parent approval. All teachers are licensed through the Nevada Department of Education.

Truckee Meadows School is proudly accredited by NCA CASI, NWAC and an accrediting division of COGNIA. Our accreditation demonstrates our dedication to continuous improvement in all that we do. We are committed to providing a secure and enriching learning environment to allow the students the opportunity to pursue their educational goals while undergoing treatment and focus on DBT skills.

School Philosophy

The School educational philosophy involves the students in learning to make responsible decisions about their lives and education. The staff creates a positive and supportive learning environment to allow the students to achieve their individual educational goals.

Education Vision Statement
Willow Springs Center embraces lifelong learning through innovation, accountability and our unwavering commitment to Service Excellence

Education Mission Statement
To serve the unique needs of every student in order that they maximize their full human potential and become productive citizens.

School’s Vision
Truckee Meadows School Vision is to establish and maintain positive relationships involving student families, therapeutic staff, and community members. We desire to make responsive decisions that will have a positive impact for student lives, education and life-skills.

School’s Mission
Truckee Meadows School’s mission is to involve students in learning how to make responsible decisions regarding their educational goals. Our primary goal is to establish a positive relationship with each student and match their educational needs to their present level of academic functioning. We will provide a challenging and engaging curriculum that will support the efforts of each student to improve academic achievement and achieve their educational goals.

School’s Strengths & Successful Practices

  • Truckee Meadows School is a private K-12 school licensed through the State of Nevada Department of Education.
  • Truckee Meadows School is accredited through COGNIA.
  • We recognize the importance of special education and the use of differentiation and instructional accommodations.
  • We prefer to hire teachers with both regular and special education degrees.
  • We reach out to the originating school to match the educational needs of the student and/or use the school’s requirements to help students reach their graduation goals.
  • We implement the curriculum from the Nevada Department of Education (NVACS) and/or utilize the learning platform and the curriculum from originating schools.


Truckee Meadows School
690 Edison Way
Reno, NV 89502

Phone: 775-858-4577
Fax: 775-858-4511
Email: [email protected]

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