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Military Families Resources

Military Families Resources

Military Family Mental Health Resources

Willow Springs is also a TRICARE® certified medical facility. All of our 116 beds are TRICARE® certified. This means all adolescents receive the same treatment and quality care. They are not separated from the others. They are fully integrated with the other adolescents and live a socially, active life.

Learn how to help adolescents cope with deployment

A parent’s deployment can have a profound effect on their adolescent’s mental health. Since the beginning of the war in Iraq, military families have been experiencing longer and more frequent deployments. Whether your family has been through several deployments or this is your first experience, being separated from your loved ones for an extended period of time is extremely difficult.

Military adolescents are at greater risk for serious depression, separation anxiety and behavior problems. Fortunately, there is help available to make the surprises, challenges and opportunities of military living easier.

Willow Springs Center is one of the leading providers of military mental health services in the greater Nevada area. Our staff will play a frontline role in identifying how your adolescent responds to the stress of an extended deployment. Non-deployed parents also need support. They too are faced with the risks, relocations and uncertainties, which their family members are exposed to regularly.

Every military family is unique and different. We will customize a program to fit your family’s needs. Willow Springs Center offers the following military family health resources:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Crisis Management
  • Medication Management
  • GDFT services
  • Education
  • Audio and Video Conferencing

We understand it’s especially difficult for parents with adolescents living with urgent care needs. If your adolescent also has a disability or diabetes, Willow Springs Center is the place to be. We have the nursing staff and all the benefits of a medical model, licensed hospital and residential program combined with the look and feel of a beautiful, nurturing, kid-friendly environment. We have two registered nurses in every program 24/7 and a nurse supervisor. We also have pediatricians, special education teachers and board certified child adolescents psychiatrist on staff. One of our psychiatrists will meet with your adolescent for an hour each week.

It’s your job to protect our country and it’s our responsibility to provide mental health services for your adolescent. It’s the least we can do to show our appreciation.

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